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How long are your delivery times?
Generally, we are able to supply you within 14 days with standard products. Custom made
products have a delivery time between 4-6 weeks.
How do you ship your goods?
For all countries apart from Switzerland we use a parcel service. In Switzerland we use the postal services.
As a service for our clients in Germany and due to our proximity to the German border we are able to
send the merchandise from Germany for a value of goods up to Euros 300. This saves postage costs.
How do you secure the quality of your products?
In addition to quality control during production every article is inspected once again before being
sent to the client.
Do you levy a mark-up for small volume purchases?
No, we don’t (exception: articles with screen print).
Do you offer a discount?
• Bills settled within 14 days benefit of a 2% discount (the value of the goods has to exceed EURO 25 / CHF 40).
• We also offer a staged volume discount plan.
We would be interested in distributing your products. Is this possible?
Please contact us.
Being based in Switzerland, are you not very expensive?
No, we offer globally competitive prices combined with highest quality and reliable delivery.
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